Do You Have Bed Bugs? Here’s what to look for…

The result of their bites may also go unnoticed, or can be mistaken for the bites of other pests. All people are not uniformly sensitive to bed bug bites, so while some victims break out in rashes from the bites, other people may not display symptoms. When a reaction does happen, the results can be mild (a simple red spot) to harsh (rash or even hives). The reaction caused by feeding might be mistaken for other problems, like Fleas, mosquitoes and other biting insects. Bed bugs have been discovered to harbor 28 different human pathogens.

Bed bugs usually bunch together in Favorable harborage areas. However, some bed bugs will live by themselves, away from the majority of the infestation. The best way to determine if you have an infestation is to look for bed bugs where you sleep (or rest) and where you typically set down luggage (or bags) when you enter the residence.
Look around boxsprings, mattresses, bed frames, tufts, and buttons on mattresses, furniture, such as desks, behind wall paper, clocks and pictures, and under the edge of carpeting. Infestations can also occur in other rooms, including: bathrooms; living rooms; and laundry rooms. Blood spots on sheets and bedding may indicate bed bug feeding.

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