Month: March 2014

Bed Bugs Avoid Blood With Higher Alcohol Content, Study Suggests

Bed Bugs Avoid Blood With Higher Alcohol Content, Study Suggests.




Discovering bed bugs in such locations isn’t very surprising, considering their close association with humans but this shouldn’t cause panic or create fear. Often times the truth is often fabricated about bed bugs but Northwest is here to give you the facts:

  • Although bed bugs have been found to carry more than thirty different human pathogens, there is no evidence that they transmit disease to humans.
  • Bed bug presence has nothing to do with cleanliness. Bed bugs can be found anywhere there is a food source. However clutter can hide bed bug introductions which can lead to more severe infestations.
  • Bed bugs can be found anywhere not just in beds.

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Bottom Line is Protection


Bed bugs are becoming a huge problem. Fact is they are becoming more a reality than media hype. It is important to protect your home and your business.

Premier Bed Bug and Pest Solutions became part of a professional network of pest management firms that approach bed bug elimination according to NPMA’s Best Pest Management Practices for bed bug removal.

We provide the following in addition to eliminating your pests:

  • Basic understanding of the customer’s concerns and commitment to educating customer’s about bed bugs
  • Providing treatment methods that address all life stages
  • Using a well-defined methodology for determining when an infestation has been eliminated
  • Providing complete and thorough inspections and follow-up services
  • Using Thermal Remediation and Conventional Treatments
  • Recommendations to property owners

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